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Combined Heat and Power, Waste Heat Recovery and District Energy — A New Perspective on Energy

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is... an efficient and clean approach to generating electric power and useful thermal energy from a single fuel source at the point of use. Every CHP application involves the recovery of otherwise-wasted thermal energy to produce cooling, heating or process thermal energy or electricity, improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. CHP already supplies over 10% of our nation's electricity, and can and should supply more.

Waste Heat Recovery is... capturing waste heat that an industrial site or combustion process is already emitting, and using it to provide useful thermal energy elsewhere in the facility or turning it into clean electricity or mechanical power. Waste heat recovery for power generation is also known as bottoming cycle CHP or waste-heat-to power.

District Energy is... CHP, central heating, and/or central cooling applied to an entire university, office park, medical campus, mixed use sustainable development, or downtown. Over 400 building networks in the U.S. already use district energy, and the number is on the rise.

All of these are...CLEAN ENERGY APPLICATIONS - a better solution for our country's energy supply, economy, and environment.

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The Mid-Atlantic Region

The Mid-Atlantic Region is comprised of six states plus the District of Columbia >>>additional info.

Mid-Atlantic Area covered by MATAP

News & Events

  • june 4, 2014
    Pepco and Delmarva Power’s Combined Heat and Power Conference
    Co-sponsored by the USDA-AFRI NEW Bio bioenergy consortium and the US-DOE Mid Atlantic CHP Technical Assistance Partnership, and delivered by the West Virginia Extension Service and Penn State Extension.
    Learn why Maryland companies are taking advantage of our incentives and installing CHP systems. Find out if CHP is right for your facility too. Attend this informational session to hear from CHP customers, experts, tour the University of Maryland CHP plant, and share a hardy lunch.

    Read details.

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